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 YSL Rive Gauche - For Her ( 100 ml. )

YSL Rive Gauche - For Her ( 100 ml. )

Your lady in 500+ cities in India deserves something special, something out of the ordinary. Send this perfume as a gift to 500+ cities in India.

Personality -

Rive Gauche, a State of Mind, a way of Being, A lifestyle, A unique, Avant-Garde, Perfume for an independent and unpredictable woman.
Fragrance Secrets -

A Floral Aldehydic Harmony consisting of Aldehydes - Rose-Oakmoss- Vetiver.

    Rose -One of the most valuable elements of a fine perfume is provided by the rose, known as the "queen of flowers". Rose perfumes were very popular with the Romans and the Greeks. Rose flowers are gathered at night since they carry fragrance before sunrise.

    Oakmoss - Oakmossis a type of lichen used extensively in modern perfumery. This lichen can be found in many mountainous temperate forests throughout the Northern Hemisphere, including parts of France, Portugal, Spain etc. Oakmoss grows primarily on the trunk and branches of oak trees, but is also commonly found on the bark of other deciduous trees and conifers such as fir and pine.

    Vetiver - Vetiver is a perennial grass of the Poaceae native to India. The name vetiver is native to the Tamil language. Old Tamil literature mentions the usage of vetiver for medical purposes. Vetiver is mainly cultivated for the fragrant essential oil distilled from its roots. Due to its excellent fixative properties, vetiver is used widely in high end perfumes. It is contained in 90% of all western perfumes (Lavania).

Quantity : 100 ml.

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